If your Wedding is at Stein Farms, you now have the option of Staying at The Cheret House.

The Cheret House is a relaxing weekend getaway, and steps away from where your wedding and ceremony will take place. You can host the your rehearsal dinner with your entire wedding party, lounge by  the bar then retreat to bed. Home sleeps 12-14 so your entire wedding party can sleep over as well. The house is fully furnished with linens, dishes, utilities, Internet and more.

Arrive early Friday afternoon, decorate your dream wedding, let your rehearsal dinner begin with family and friends.  Wake up in the morning and prepare for your big day.  After your reception walk home and continue the celebration around fire pit with close friends and family, and on Sunday unwrap all of your wedding gifts, while indulging with Bloody marys or Mimosa’s.

Plan Your Unique Wedding

Never Let Anything Be Ordinary!

  • Bring your wedding ideas to life with our incredible venue.
  • Customize your day the way you want it to be.
  • We will share tons of photos to help you visualize you dream wedding.
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