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Salem, Wisconsin  53168

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5708 312th. Ave.
Salem, Wisconsin  53168

Opening hours

Mon – Sun 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Call us at

Stein Farms Stay Safe Protocols

Stein Farms stay safe Protocols

This guide is meant to provide Stein Farms crew. and to inform our clients of specific information to help get off to a great and productive start, and to be knowledgeable of our current environment.


Area of Focus

  • A full review of the physical space
  • Practice the same social distancing as our guest will.
  • Be aware of HOT SPOTS:
  • Tables & Chairs inside and outside
  • Door Handles, knobs, door glass, or commonly touched areas
  • Bar surfaces, Cooler glass, signage, speed rails, bottles & cans

The venue will identify bottlenecks, bathroom scheduled cleaning, and garbage disposal procedures.

Preparing the Space

  • Proper positioning of chairs, tables, bar stools, and misc. Furniture will be heavily sanitized.
  • An Area will be allocated for crew to store their personal items.  We will supply masks, aprons, gloves & Sanitization belt kits.
  • Safety dividers are installed in the bar area.   An outside bar will also be available.

Venue Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Constant Cleaning of Venue from open to close.
  • We will have 2 unique teams – 1 single person will do nothing but wipe down high-touch areas, and recently used tables and chairs, and clean bathrooms every 20 minutes or based on use.
  • Bartenders will handle everything that’s behind the bar and/or where the bar or bars are set-up.
  • The venue will also be incorporating UV Light sanitizers as well as Hepa Filters(MERV rating of 14-20).

Guest Experience

  • Guests should enter the venue in small groups 5-8 at 1 at a time with small intervals
  • Sanitizing station will be located at doorways, bathrooms, the front and rear of the buffet.
  • Guests should be 6’ apart while waiting for a cocktail. Bartenders will be wearing gloves and masks. Be observant of guest activities,  i.e.  They just touched that chair, bar or any surface.   Guests will be encouraged to throw out plates, cups, napkins, etc…  We will have all garbage cans located outside the buildings. Crew will dispose of garbage when the garbage can is half full.

Cheret House – Stein Farms Bed & Breakfast – If you are staying at the Cheret House, safety procedures are listed below.

  1. Only guests who are spending the night are permitted in the Cheret House.  Please supply a list of guests and their phone numbers.

            NOTE:   Please send me a list of guests staying at the Cheret House:   Full names and phone numbers of each. 

  1. Thermal screening is required. Those with a temperature at over 100.4 F or (38 C).   Those confirmed at or over 100.4 F (38 C) will be denied entry and directed to the appropriate medical care.
  2. Items that are unable to be sanitized will be removed from the Cheret House.  i.e. Throw pillows, Remote Controls, Glasses, etc…
  3. Bleach and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the house.
  4. Please practice safe distancing, and avoid contact of random objects.
  5. Kitchenware that is used must be washed in the dishwasher, and placed on the island at the end of your stay.
  6. Disposable plates, cups, napkins, knives, forks & spoons must be supplied by guests / wedding parties to ensure safety. 
  7. It is also an option for guests to bring their own pillow, however pillows will be supplied.

 Crew Preparation

  • Every member of our crew must have their temperature checked before their shift.
  • Crew is not permitted to work if they show any sign COVID-19, such as cough, fever, or difficulty breathing.
  • Crew must wash their hands 20 minutes before their shift, followed by wearing gloves, and using sanitizing gel.
  • Crew is required to wear protective face coverings, and change masks halfway into the event.  In addition, crew must not touch their face or hair while working.
  • Crew will sanitize before and after interacting with quests. This can be accomplished with wipes, UV sterilizers, sprays, etc…
  • Crew will insure all signage stays in place, proper sanitizer is on hand, and aware of backup sanitizer location.

Vendor Relations

  • All vendors, caterers, DJ, Florist, Wedding Planner, Officiants & others are required to wear masks, sanitizer, and any other protective coverings. Each vendor will have their own protocols and verified with Stein Farms.
  • Caterer(s) must add Stein Farms, LLC to their liability insurance.
  • Shared consumables will be eliminated:  Veggie trays, Appetizers, Chips, Sushi, S’mores, etc…   Individually wrapped s’mores, appetizers, etc.  are allowed.
  • All vendors should be subject to the same protective screening as Stein Farms crew. 
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